Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Matu Ram Institute of Management pays a tribute to the founding president Ch. Matu Ram Ji of Jat Education Society, Rohtak (Regd.) on one hand, and is a manifestation of the intellectual & educational aspiration of a community which prides itself in having given martyrs to the Indian forces and best teacher, engineers, doctors and administrators to the nation, on the other. Being an educational organisation, Jat Education Society, Rohtak is pledged to contribute to the growth & development of education and MRIM is one of those dreams that it has been cherishing for long. We are dedicated to create a hub where education & research in Management may explore new horizons.

To keep pace with the times of world-wide explosion in knowledge especially in the field of management discipline, the society has established this institute as job-oriented to serve the intense need for employment for the students of this region and also of those coming from far distant places. Business expansion has just started in India and it is high time that the society has endeavored to establish this institute to develop it into a centre of excellence in studies and research in the areas of business and management in the days to come.