Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • Identity cards are to be always carried.
  • Uniform is compulsory.
  • No visitor is allowed to meet student during college hours.
  • Students must remain in the college up to the college time.
  • If somebody comes to drop the students, he/she is supposed to park the vehicle a little away from the main gate, to allow smooth flow of traffic.
  • Lights and fans are to be switched off before leaving the classroom.
  • Avoid carrying heavy cash, jewellery or any other expensive item to college and abstain from the practice of lending and borrowing of money. The authorities do not take responsibility for any loss.
  • Students should make most of their time in academic/co-curricular pursuits.
  • The following activities will be viewed very seriously.
    • Littering the campus.
    • Scribbling on the walls and college property
    • Making noise in the corridors.
    • Tempering with the vehicles of the staff members
    • Students found in the canteen and roaming around while their class is going on.
  • A student who is guilty of misconduct in any way shall not be eligible for a prize, scholarship, fee concession, membership of the student’s central association, sports council or the other important bodies of the college.
  • The college authorities do not take any responsibility of the students conduct outside the college.
  • The instruction & directions as issued by the director principal from time to time will be adhered to by the students strictly, failing which students may face penalty or punishment.
  • No book will be issued without the library card.
  • Students are required to carry their Identity Cards all the time.
  • As per the Hon’ble Supreme court ruling on Writ Petition Civil No. 656 of 1998, ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. It is a punishable offence and any such incident will invite action as per rules.

Note : Students who violate the above code of conduct are liable to be penalized entailing heavy fine, withdrawal of concession, stipend, scholarship (if any) and in extreme case expulsion from the college.